Back in January I was in an accident… some guy ran a stop sign and I hit him.

I’m not here to complain that I have to pay for the damages ($2166.00) because I didn’t have insurance… even though I wasn’t the one who was driving unsafely… I made the choice to not buy insurance, so that is the consequences of that choice.

I’m not here to complain that I wasn’t even notified that I owed the money until it went to collections and they upped it to $2622.91. Had I been informed, I would have made some kind of payment schedule to take care of the problem.

I’m not even here to complain that I got the notice from the collection agency with only 20 days to come up with $2600 before they suspended my license. I couldn’t possibly come up with that amount in that amount of time, so my license got suspended and I’ve been on public transportation since then.

When I had come up with the money, I called and took care of it. That was on 20 August, and at that time I was informed that I would have to wait UP TO 45 days to receive the paperwork necessary to take to bank to be notified, sent back to them so they could send me yet more paperwork that I could take to the DMV to get my license back. Actions have consequences, and I guess these were just the consequences.

But I’m really not complaining about any of that, unfair as some of those things may be.


I’m here to complain that I called them on day 46 to find out what the hold up was and their response was basically, we don’t know. We haven’t heard from our client. Call back at the end of the week.

Well, I was ill with a bad cold, and only just today called them back. I get the same story.

We don’t have the paperwork to send you.

We’re waiting on a response from our client.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

We don’t have a number you can call to speed things up.

There’s nothing you can do except continue to wait.

Wait wait wait and more wait.


I did my part.

I ponied up the money to pay off my debt like a good girl as soon as I could manage it, despite the fact that nobody told me about it until it was too late to really do something.

I patiently waited the 45 days that they asked me to wait before I called to politely enquire about the status.

I then waited another week and was told the same thing.

I constantly find this to be the problem. I do what I’m supposed to do, but do I get rewarded in any way for being a good girl?


I get pushed around because there’s nothing you can do when you’re talking to a human machine who only has so many phrases programmed into their memory banks.

We’re sorry, there’s nothing we can do.

and people wonder why i get so frustrated i want to kill people

oh, and before you say “that’s what you get for driving without insurance” understand this…. insurance companies want too much money from me because I haven’t had insurance in 30 years… never mind the fact that my record is clean (or was up until january) with only three tickets on my record for driving without insurance (five now)… never mind that…nnoooooo

They want $800 for six months, then I expect if my record stays clean it’ll go down. I don’t know for certain.

Let’s just say $1000 a year for 30 years… that’s $30,000 I would have paid out to insurance companies.

I’m out $2600 plus five tickets for driving without insurance. The first three were approximately $300 each, the last two were $525 each. That brings the total to $4550… from $30,000 means I’m still up about $25K on the deal.

That’s about what I make in a year.

Frustration factor?

Impossible to calculate, but the argument could be made that I’m already on the verge of complete insanity, so this is just another buckle on the straight jacket of life.


About justmenobodyreally

I'm a bitter, lonely woman.. read on and you'll discover why.
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