I Just Don’t Fit In

So I’m trying and trying and everything I do is not right.

Dick has been presssing me to be more active on Facebook as a way of letting people get to know me… connect more with people and shit like that, and I’ve been trying to do just that… made a few posts, a few comments, hit the like button and stuff, and while Dick usually clicks like, or makes a silly comment, virtually no one else does, so I’m still thinking that I’m just a misfit who doesn’t belong in any community.

This girl made a post about how she’s feeling guilty that she hasn’t blogged in awhile, and I posted support for her…. I said that I frequently had that problem, and there were no rules, and she’d get to it when she got to it…

That’s good isn’t it? Being supportive and trying to make her feel better right?

A few other comments go by and then she links to some blog (not hers) with the addendum that she has a hankering for pancakes. I click on it and there’s a pile of pancakes with something that looks like puke piled on them.

I leave a comment… I didn’t say there was puke on them. I simply said that they looked disgusting.

Her response? “Fuck you.”

Then a long posting about etiquette and what is and is not appropriate on Facebook.

I thought this was a place where you could be yourself, say what you think, and I did, even if I did sugar-coat the puke pancakes and merely say that they looked disgusting.

So I went back to Facebook and tried to make it better by apologizing, only to find that she’d removed the entire post.

So much for trying to make friends on Facebook I guess.

I just can’t seem to fit in. I’m not like normal people (whoever they may be).

It only seems to confirm what I’ve observed time and time again….

“You have to look at it from his/her point of view.”


This really shouldn’t bother me this much, but it does. It adds up with all the other failed attempts and I’m crying my eyes out again because goddammit, I just can’t seem to fit in anywhere.


About justmenobodyreally

I'm a bitter, lonely woman.. read on and you'll discover why.
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