Government Spending

So there’s this bridge here in town that the city is spending millions of dollars on to install an “anti-suicide fence” around.

Dick thinks this is a GREAT idea

I disagree. I understand the arguement..

The city is concerned for the well being of those who consider suicide and the aftermath of suicides on their friends and families. Preventing suicides also protects the growing number of people who live, work and travel below the bridge. These people are at risk of physical harm when someone jumps from the bridge and are often traumatized by experiencing the aftermath of suicide attempts.

Preventing suicides also enhances safety for emergency responders, including those who must make emergency dives into the murky and debris-filled waters of the Ship Canal to save people who jump from the Aurora Bridge, and for those who often risk their lives trying to restrain people from jumping.

Great argument! Good thoughts, all of them, but the bridge isn’t the problem, so their fence doesn’t solve the problem in the least. Here’s why…..

You spend 2.9 million dollars to put ONE fence around ONE bridge, when the world is full of bridges and tall buildings (and razor blades and poisonous plants and gas stoves and guns and pharmaceuticals…..)

My point is that preventing people from jumping off of one bridge doesn’t mean that person won’t simply find some other method if that person really wants to.

Wouldn’t it be better to look at the BIG problem isntead of the small one?… the big problem being that there are some people who simply cannot cope with their problems and choose to die to get away from them.

So instead of spending a gazillion dollars to stop people from jumping off of ONE bridge, wouldn’t it be better to look at the long-term problem and find a solution to it so you won’t have to spend that much money on every bridge, every rooftop (or window above the 4th floor for that matter), or regulate everything that can be used harmfully? I mean, I can’t go buy antihistamines without filling out a form because if you buy enough of them you can make crystal meth, and they want to know who’s buying how much of it?

People commit suicide because they cannot cope, so wouldn’t it be better to teach people how to cope? Use that money to set up some form of education to help people? Imagine all the money all over this city/state/country/world spent on projects like this added all up together and you have the funding for some type of free mental health care for these people. Wouldn’t that be a better solution? Yes, I know there are suicide hotlines, but that only provides them an ear for a short time… not a long-term solution… not real help, and since people are still killing themselves, obviously the suicide hotlines are NOT enough.

Find the root of the problem… and tear out that root… no more problem. Ok, so there’ll be some grow back, and you’ll have to put down more weed killer, or go in and rip out some more roots, but you’ll cut back on the problem and help keep it under control…. if you’ve ever had pervasive weeds in your garden you’ll understand what I mean by that.

To me it seems obvious, but the city thinks it’s showing concern by putting one fence around one bridge.


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